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5 Stars

Debbie has been great with Louie. He has a form of epilepsy but Debbie coped with him wonderfully when he had a fit after a walk. I am now in second place as Debbie is "Top Dog". He loves spending time with her and his play dates with Millie. Nothing is too much trouble for her.

Janette Campbell

5 Stars

Debbie is very competent, caring and dedicated. She has a good way with animals and Bingo is more obedient after minimal training from Debbie and i have been trying for four years. He is always happy to see her and enjoys his walks and playtime's.

Isabel McLean

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you walk in the same place all the time
    • Yes and No, I have set specific routes i take but these are varied throughout the weeks and months.

  • Why do you have set routes.
    • Set routes allow me to complete risk assessments. I feel these are vital in ensuring the safety of all animals in my care.